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Watson Seal (LumberKote) & Sump Pump Installation Project: Crawl Space Framing Sealer & Waterproofing Location: College Grove, TN



When Sam of College Grove, TN had noticed some water pooling in the corner of his crawl space he decided to give TFS a call for a complimentary inspection


Our specialist arrived and did a full inspection on the customer’s home. He noticed not only some water pooling in the crawl space, but also some mold starting to grow on the floor joists and subfloor of the home.


Sam’s primary concern was finding a solution to the water in his crawl space as well as stopping the spread of mold and giving the wood under his home a longer lifespan. Ultimately, he decided to call us because he didn’t want his home to lose value from the mold and water.




Our specialist, Matthew Stone, recommended a full crawl space encapsulation along with a coat of our Watson Seal LumberKote wood sealant, and a sump pump. Although this was the best solution to solve the customer’s issue, he chose to complete just the Watson Seal and sump pump with Hydraway on each side.


The plan called for the crew to coat all exposed wood with Watson Seal LumberKote, which cuts off the oxygen to mold growing on wood thus stopping the spread. LumberKote also waterproofs wood to prevent any new moisture from getting in and allowing more mold to grow or rotting the wood.


The specialist predicted that around 5 buckets of LumberKote would be needed to complete the project. The plans also included a sump pump installation in the North-East corner, which was the lowest point of the crawl space. The pump is placed in the lowest point to ensure that all water naturally flows towards it.


The pump was to have 15 feet of Hydraway on each side to further help the flow of water into the pump. The pump would then be hooked up to a drainage pipe outside of the home which drains into a discharge trench with a bubbler pot at the end.


The first step of this process was to remove all insulation from the crawl space. This is done for two reasons, the first is because insulation can soak up and trap moisture inside, and the second is just to expose as much wood as possible to be coated with LumberKote.


Once all insulation was removed, the crew began to apply Watson Seal LumberKote to all wood underneath the crawl space through a set of spray guns. Although the specialist recommended about 5 buckets of LumberKote, it took the crew almost 7.


After the entire crawl space was coated, it was time to dig a hole for the sump pump. The basin and pump are then placed in the hole, which is back filled halfway with tightly compacted dirt, and the other half with about 4 buckets of gravel. The gravel helps the flow of water into the basin of the pump.


Next, trenches are dug for the Hydraway on each side of the pump, which is then placed and backfilled with dirt. A discharge hole is drilled through the outside wall into the crawl space, and then a drainage pipe is fed through and connected to the sump pump.


An ice guard is applied to the end of the pipe to prevent water from backing up into the pump when the outside water is frozen. Finally, a discharge trench is dug outside of the home underneath the drainage pipe and fitted with a piece of pipe with a bubbler pot at the end.


After it was all said and done, Sam was very satisfied with our service and the peace of mind that his home won’t lose value from mold growing in his crawl space. This was a 2 day project based on the size of the home, but the dedicated members of our production team were determined to knock it out in just one day, and they did. This project is just another example of how the team here at TFS redefines the customer experience every chance we get!


Project Summary Specialist: Matthew Stone Team Leader: Austin Pollock Materials Used: Sump Pump (1), Hydraway (30 ft), Watson Seal LumberKote (7 buckets)