Foundation Repair


Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better with Time. They Get Better with TFS.

TFS provides structural and foundation repair services in Tennessee, Kentuckiana, and Northern Alabama that make your home stronger than the day it was built. Our team of foundation specialists will help you repair and protect your home.

Cracked brick, sticking doors or windows, cracks along foundation or crawl space walls, or cracked interior walls and door frames are all signs that your home’s foundation may be settling and should be inspected by a professional immediately.

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What Is Foundation Repair?

The foundation is a structure built below ground that distributes the weight of the house to the soil. Underneath your home is a network of support that includes footings, foundation walls or piers, and mudsills interconnected to provide a solid base for your home. 

If there are signs of foundation issues, then foundation repair is the ideal solution to correct the damage and protect your home. Foundation damage can result from soil erosion, flooding, poor drainage, foundation settlement, or ground movement or sinking.
There are many foundation repair methods and solutions available. It’s our job to assess the issue and find the best method to repair your foundation and prevent further damage.

Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair

Why You Need Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is a preventative and corrective solution to foundation problems that should be addressed as soon as possible. Left untreated, a damaged foundation can lead to bigger problems that will cost you more later on.

If your foundation is compromised, it will affect the areas of your home that rest on the foundation, such as cracked walls, doors, and windows.

If you notice any signs of foundations issues, it’s important to have it inspected by one of our trained contractors. Then, TFS will advise you on the best steps to address your specific problem.
Here are a few foundation repair solutions and methods that TFS offers.

Push Piers

To repair a foundation properly, Push Piers are deployed. Their rugged steel pier sections are driven deep into the earth’s soil, transfering the weight of your home onto their load-bearing strata or bedrock. Not only does this foundation piling permanently stabilize your home’s foundation, it also provides the best opportunity to lift your home back to its original, level position.

Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair

Helical Piers

Helical Piers are uniquely suited for both heavy and light structures, such as stoops, decks, and wing walls. Installations can be performed year-round and utilize small construction equipment or hand equipment that avoid unnecessary disruption to your lawn and landscape.

CarbonArmor Wall Stabilization

Utilizing cutting-edge carbon fiber/kevlar technology borrowed from aerospace research, TFS repairs bowed, broken and cracked block walls at a fraction of the cost of full replacement and excavation. Carbon fiber strapping is used to reinforce the capacity of structural, load‐bearing walls and stop the further movement or bowing in deformed or damaged wall structures. This technology exhibits amazing strength characteristics and is versatile enough to be used in many situations that would otherwise be considered “un‐fixable.”
Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair

GeoLock Wall Anchors

The GeoLock Wall Anchor System stabilizes foundation and retaining walls and offers the best opportunity to straighten walls over time without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement. If you have walls that are cracking, bowing, leaning, or pushing inward, you have a serious foundation problem that needs to be addressed right away. Cracking, bowing, or buckling foundation walls can be a scary prospect to a homeowner. Many property owners are relieved to discover that our engineered wall support systems can stabilize their failing foundation walls at a fraction of the cost of other options.

PowerBrace Foundation Wall Support

The PowerBrace system permanently stabilizes your home’s foundation walls. Zinc-plated steel beams are custom-fit to your basement wall height and secured tight against your basement wall with brackets anchored to your basement floor and joists. PowerBrace’s unique, patented design allows the system to be tightened over time, potentially reversing wall failure without any invasive drilling or digging on your property.

Foundation repair

EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System

If you have basement walls that have buckled, bowed or cracked over time due to hydrostatic pressureexerted by the surrounding soil, the EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System canpermanently stabilize and restore the structure. In fact, EverBrace can stabilize even the most severe cases of foundation wall failure by transferring the load from the failing foundation walls to the new EverBracesystem installed by [company].Installing EverBrace is typically far less disruptive and expensive than total foundation replacement. First, [company] techs attach steel beams to the concrete slab and floor joists, then we install steel panels that span between them for additional support. Voids are filled by injecting specialized rigid foam behind the steel panels. When the job is complete, the load from any failing foundation walls is permanently transferred, allowing EverBrace to become the new support system for the structure.

LintelLift Permanent Garage Lintel Stabilization

If you’ve noticed cracks above your garage door or signs of bowing or sagging, your garage may have a failing garage door lintel. [company] is the exclusive dealer for the LintelLift System, which offers a permanent solution for failing garage door lintels. Best of all, it can be installed in just one day.
Foundation repair

Why Hire TFS For Foundation Repair?

TFS is a full-service foundation repair company, with experience in all aspects of foundation problems and repairs. We utilize a wide range of foundation repair methods, including pier and beam, push piers, helical piers, carbon armor wall stabilization, geo-lock wall anchors, and power brace foundation wall supports.

We utilize the most cutting-edge foundation repair methods available to make sure your home’s foundation is made stronger and more secure than it has been in years. In addition, we have a team of foundation repair contractors who are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry. We are available to answer any questions you may have about your home’s foundation and the cost of foundation repairs, and we will work with you to create a foundation repair solution that fits your specific needs and budget.

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Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better with Time. They Get Better with TFS.

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Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better With Time. They Get Better With TFS.

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