October 2020

Wet basement

Humid Basement

Do you have a wet and humid basement or crawl space? What does it mean and what are the solutions? Dampness, leaks, or excess humidity in your basement or crawl space can be devastating for a home, as well as the health of the people living inside of it. In order to understand the damage …

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Polylevel is the new mudjacking

Mud Jacking

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already found some concrete issues around your home and are looking for the right solution to fix these troubles. If the issue is sinking or settling slabs, mud jacking is a technique that’s been around for decades. The process involves mixing a mud and concrete slurry and pumping …

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Sagging Floors? We Can Help!

Sagging Floors

Did you know sagging floors can be a sign of issues with your crawl space? A gap between the floor and the baseboard, uneven tilting floors, or a bounce as someone walks across the room – these are signs of sagging or sloping floors in a home. Unfortunately, sagging or sloping floors are an issue …

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