Mud Jacking

Polylevel is the new mudjacking

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already found some concrete issues around your home and are looking for the right solution to fix these troubles.

If the issue is sinking or settling slabs, mud jacking is a technique that’s been around for decades. The process involves mixing a mud and concrete slurry and pumping it under a sinking slab. It’s sometimes called slab jacking or grout pumping. Just because mud jacking is the original method for lifting sinking or settling slabs doesn’t mean it is most effective. Mud jacking is actually an extremely outdated solution for lifting concrete slabs that cheap contractors use to cut corners.

Not only can mud jacking be messy, unpredictable, and leave large holes in the concrete where they cut out room for the injection equipment, but it is also extremely heavy adding more pressure on top of soil that already couldn’t hold the weight of the slab to begin with. The materials used to make mud jacking solutions can also dry out and wash away over time much like the eroded soil it was meant to replace and causing the same issues all over again.

Now, there are modern alternatives to mud jacking, including the technique that we here at The Foundation Specialists use – PolyLevel. PolyLevel is a quick setting foam that when injected under a concrete slab sets and hardens in seconds and leaves concrete ready for use again in just 15 minutes. PolyLevel is resistant to drying out, erosion, and other forces of nature unlike most mud jacking solutions, which truly makes it a permanent fix. PolyLevel is manufactured using recycled materials making it environmentally friendly. The procedure for administering PolyLevel is minimally invasive, requiring a hole smaller than a dime to inject the solution beneath a concrete slab. This is a fraction of the size of a typical hole used for mud jacking resulting in a cleaner and more seamless repair.

It you would like to schedule an appointment for one of our specialists to inspect your concrete issue and provide you with a no obligation estimate for PolyLevel installation at your home, contact The Foundation Specialists today!

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