Driveway Concrete Repair


Your Concrete Problems Don’t Get Better With Time. They Get Better With TFS.

In a perfect world, your driveway would last the entire life span of your home. However, the quality of initial construction, soil conditions, and weather can have damaging effects that leave your driveway cracked and uneven. The Foundation Specialists has extensive knowledge of concrete repair, allowing us to erase cracks and ensure your driveway looks its best.

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Common Concrete Driveway Issues

There are three main issues you can have with your concrete driveway, and all of them are unsightly and even potentially dangerous.

  • Small Cracks: Cracks under a quarter-inch wide are a frequent driveway issue. Although they aren’t a structural threat, they make it hard to keep weeds from cropping up on the driveway.
  • Larger Cracks & Holes: The larger the crack or hole, the faster it will widen. These issues are more dangerous as they can harm tires or become tripping hazards.
  • Sinking: Like foundations, driveway slabs can sink. The entire slab may sink simultaneously, or it may sink only in parts.
Cracked concrete driveway

Our Driveway Repair Solutions

The Foundation Specialists has all the products and equipment needed to seal cracks in driveways and even lift them when necessary. The following are some of our most requested concrete driveway repair solutions.

Crack Repair

For concrete driveway crack repair, we use a silicone-based sealant. Its flexibility and resistance to UV rays are perfect for filling cracks in driveways for homeowners in sunny Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

A TFS contractor using Nexus Pro to seal a crack in a concrete
Using PolyLevel to repair a concrete driveway

Concrete Lifting

If your driveway is sinking, we can permanently lift and stabilize it. We drill small holes into the slab and inject PolyLEVEL polyurethane formula to lift and level the slab.  

Why Choose The Foundation Specialists?

For more than two decades, homeowners have trusted The Foundation Specialists with critical concrete repairs. Our spirit of service and dedication to world-class craftsmanship has earned us an enduring reputation for quality that we’re proud to preserve. Whether it’s sealing concrete driveway cracks or performing a full lift, we take on all driveway repair jobs with dedication.

To schedule your free, no-obligation consultation for concrete driveway repair, in Tennessee, Northern Alabama, or Kentuckiana call The Foundation Specialists at 844.468.4674 or fill out our contact form online.

Concrete Problems Don’t Get Better with Time… They Get Better with TFS.
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