Foundation repair

A Better Alternative To Total Foundation Replacement

If buckling or tilted foundation walls are ignored over time, your home could experience total foundation wall failure. The root of the issue could be hydrostatic pressurefrom moisture-laden soil, expansive soils, frost heave or other common foundation problems.

However, there is an alternative to total foundation replacement, because the EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System permanently stabilizes even the most extreme cases of compromised foundation walls.

Steel beams and corrugated steel panels work together to strengthen and stabilize failing foundation walls. Rigid foam is then injected behind the panels to fill any voids, transferring the load from the failing wall to the EverBrace System. 

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EverBrace offers a permanent solution for wall failure

In addition to poured concrete and concrete block walls, EverBrace works with stone, clay block and even brick foundation walls. While other options may work for the minor foundation problems, only the EverBrace System can restore a failing foundation wall.
EverBrace provides homeowners with the security of a new foundation—minus the cost and disruption of a total foundation replacement.Plus, unlike total replacement, EverBrace addresses the problems that caused the wall failure in the first place.The system can be easily hidden by drywall and trimmed to fit around windows, doorways and other components.

Foundation repair

The Foundation Wall Repair Experts

Let TFS repair your failing foundation walls. We are members of the Foundation Supportworks network, providing access to patented, real-world solutions and expert techniques. We guarantee attention to detail and open communication from the first phone call to the final handshake and beyond. TFS provides free inspections and estimates for the EverBrace System and any other foundation repair products we offer. Schedule your inspection today by calling 884-468-4674 or booking online.

Advantages of the EverBrace System

Schedule your free EverBrace Wall Restoration System inspection and estimate today! TFS is the leading foundation contractor in the United States.

Our working Process


Prep area and install top track.


Cut and hang steel panels.


Install posts.


Inject foam and attach trim.

Our Promise

The EverBrace™Wall Restoration System will permanently stabilize your homes foundation and protect your home against any further movement. Our Everbrace System comes with an unmatched, industry-leading warranty for the life of the structure. 

Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better With Time. They Get Better With TFS.

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