Crawlspace Repair Case Study

Bowling Green, KY


The floors are bowing and they had to shim the newly installed bathtub to make it level, and don’t want to have bubbles or tripping hazards in the floor as they lay it down. The drywall off of several doors is cracking and some exterior walls have cracking as well.


TFS Crawlspace Repair System.

We will be installing jack and beam under the walls that are putting weight on the overspaned joists, as well as jacks directly on the girder that is under supported. We’ll also be encapsulating the crawlspace to get rid of the mold and protect the lumber underneath the home. Push piers would be needed to protect against the settlement on the exterior walls

Project Before Photos

Foundation Problems Don’t Get
Better with Time.
They Get Better with TFS.

Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better with Time… They Get Better with TFS.

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