Robert H. | Lebanon, TN Testimonial | Concrete Repair

In Lebanon, TN, a homeowner faced a daunting issue: their garage floor was uneven and sinking, impacting both utility and home value. Recognizing the need for expert help, they reached out to us at TFS. Our approach to home repairs is systematic; first, the Customer Care team sets up a detailed home inspection. Bradley, our savvy System Design Specialist, assessed the situation and devised a customized fix using PolyLevel, a top-tier concrete repair solution. Next, it was time for action. Our crew didn’t just repair this homeowner’s concrete, but they provided a durable, long-lasting solution. Their work was not only efficient but tidy, leaving the space cleaner than they found it. Robert, the homeowner, applauded the team for their expertise and professionalism. The refurbished garage floor not only solved the immediate issue but did so with lasting quality, adding both function and value back to the space. For us at TFS, it’s about more than just a repair; it’s about restoring integrity and security to the homes we work on.

“I was having some issues with my garage floor. I contacted TFS and was helped by Bradley, my design specialist. He came up with a repair design and Daniel and Ethan were sent to fix the issues. They were great, very professional and knowledgable. They did a great job and concluded with a good cleanup. I am very satisfied.” – Robert H.

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