Lee R. | Louisville, KY Testimonial | Concrete Repair

Recently we had the opportunity to assist Lee, a homeowner in Louisville, KY with a particularly troublesome issue: his concrete driveway had become uneven with time, creating a noticeable trip hazard for his family and guests. Lee was concerned for the safety of his loved ones and reached out to us seeking a durable solution. Upon contacting our Customer Care team, Lee was quickly scheduled for a comprehensive home inspection. Our system design specialist conducted a thorough assessment of Lee’s property, diagnosing the underlying issue causing the uneven concrete. It was decided that the best course of action would be to use PolyLevel, a state-of-the-art product designed to lift and level concrete slabs efficiently and with minimal disruption. Our skilled production team, consisting of a dedicated foreman and knowledgeable installers, promptly got to work at Lee’s home. They injected PolyLevel beneath the sinking slabs, raising them back to their proper level. Not only is PolyLevel effective, but it’s also an incredibly quick process that ensures homeowners can use their driveway again in no time. Throughout the procedure, we took special care to respect and preserve Lee’s property, ensuring everything was clean and in good order when we left. The outcome was nothing short of transformative. Lee’s driveway was leveled successfully, eliminating any potential for trips or falls, ensuring safety for everyone who visits. Lee was overjoyed with the results, emphasizing not just the effectiveness of the solution, but also how smoothly and respectably the job was handled from start to finish.

“Kyle and Hunter did a wonderful job. They took the time to answer all of my questions. Everything is level and there are no trip hazards anymore. They also cleaned up well and I was totally satisfied.” – Lee R.

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