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crawl space repair

Recently, a homeowner in Huntsville, AL, reached out to us with a concern with their home’s crawl space, which was in dire need of a revamp. A neglected crawl space can lead to a host of problems that no homeowner wants to deal with. From musty odors to structural damage, the issues are plentiful but, fortunately, solvable. Upon contacting our Customer Care team, we scheduled a thorough inspection of their property. Our System Design Specialist visited and found that the crawl space was indeed in poor condition. It was immediately clear what needed to be done. We proposed a comprehensive waterproofing solution designed to protect their home long-term: encapsulating the crawl space with our durable wrap, installing a crawl space door for easy access, setting up an encapsulation fan for better air circulation, replacement of the crawl space door, reinforcing crawlspace support with wrap piers, and installing our state-of-the-art TripleSafe Sump Pump system alongside a TFS dehumidifier. Each component was chosen for its reliability and effectiveness in creating a dry, ventilated, and structurally sound crawl space. Our production team, led by an experienced foreman with skilled installers, meticulously worked on the installation. They began by installing the encapsulation system, wrapping the piers, and installing the other components thoughtfully. Post-installation, the enhanced air quality and inaccessibility for pests were immediate benefits noticed. Reflecting on this project, the outcome was precisely what we aim for – completely fixing the homeowner’s problem leaving them with a secure and healthy home environment. Our quick and thorough approach not only resolved the present issues but also protected the homeowner’s investment in their property

“The crew, led by Dalton, were outstanding!  They were professional, hard-working, and extremely polite. I could not recommend them more highly!” – Jeffrey K.

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