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crawl space repair

Jason, a homeowner in Gallatin, TN, noticed something was amiss with his home’s stability. Concerned about the safety and longevity of his property, Jason reached out to us at TFS for help. He was experiencing issues in his crawl space, which is an area of a home that many don’t think about until problems arise. Understanding the urgency of the situation, we immediately scheduled a comprehensive home inspection to identify the root cause of the problem. Our System Design Specialist paid Jason a visit, inspected his crawl space thoroughly, and diagnosed the issue. The problem was clear: Jason’s crawl space needed significant repairs to ensure the stability and safety of his home. We recommended installing SmartJack support systems and adding supplemental beams to adequately support the weight of his home. Known for their durability and effectiveness, SmartJack systems are a leading solution for repairing and stabilizing weakened crawl spaces. Our skilled production team then took the reins. They meticulously installed the SmartJack support systems and the necessary supplemental beams, transforming a once-weak foundation into a stronghold of support for Jason’s home. Not only did they ensure the technical integrity of the installation, but they also made sure to clean up after the work was completed, leaving Jason’s property as tidy as they found it. The outcome was more than just a repaired crawl space; it was peace of mind for Jason. He no longer worries about the stability of his home, all thanks to the effective solutions provided by our expert team. Through this project, we’ve once again demonstrated our commitment to delivering a remarkable customer experience alongside reliable, long-lasting solutions to homeowners’ problems. At TFS, we believe every home deserves to stand on solid ground, and we’re here to ensure it does.

“Justin and his crew did an amazing job. Originally planned as a two day job and they got it done in one. They really gave us sound piece of mind and I would definitely recommend them for all foundation needs.” – Jason C. 

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