Janet C. | Nashville, TN Testimonial | Foundation Repair

When homeowners in Nashville, TN, noticed unsettling foundation issues in their beloved home, they knew they needed to contact a professional. After previously experiencing our commitment to quality on a previous project, it was a no-brainer for them to reach out to us again. Upon contacting our Customer Care team, we swiftly arranged a home inspection led by one of our expert System Design Specialists. Their diagnosis pinpointed the root of the problem: intensive foundational instability that required immediate action. The solution? The installation of our reliable Push Pier system. The challenge was undeniable, particularly with one of the piers needing to be driven an astounding 10 feet deep into the ground. Yet, Braxston and his crew were unfazed. Leveraging their professionalism, dedication, and remarkable precision, they navigated through this complexity with ease. Despite the rigorous demand of the job, our TFS team kept the work site orderly and clean, ensuring minimum disruption to the homeowners’ daily life. The push pier installation, a testament to our capability to tackle even the most difficult tasks, significantly bolstered the stability of the home, restoring their peace of mind. The satisfaction seen on the homeowners’ faces upon completion was a proud reminder of why we do what we do at TFS – delivering not just comprehensive foundation repair solutions but a lasting relationship built on trust and quality craftsmanship. It’s another success story for our books and, more importantly, a safe, stable home for our Nashville friends.

“Braxston and his crew did a superb job for us. They are professional, hard-working and tidy. This is the second job they’ve done for us. Installing piers is difficult – one hole was 10 feet deep. We highly recommend TFS.” – Janet C. 

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