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Cracks in your foundation? TFS provides repair in the Louisville, KY, area.

If you have cracks in your foundation, bowing foundation walls, sagging floor joists, or any other structural problem at your home in Louisville, Kentucky, there is no need to worry – TFS is here to help. We fully understand how stressful these foundation problems can be, so we’ve developed long-lasting solutions to provide you with peace of mind about your foundation.

How did your foundation get this way? After a home is constructed, changes in the surrounding soil are the primary cause of foundation settlement. Extreme moisture changes, such as drought conditions or over saturation, along with poorly compacted fill soils, create soil movement. That movement shifts and settles your home, causing cracked walls, uneven floor and a sinking foundation.

Permanently Stabilizing the Foundation
Permanently Stabilizing the Foundation

When you turn to TFS to repair cracks in your foundation or other structural problems, you can expect a positive and personalized customer experience. We want you to feel like you and your Louisville, KY, home are in good hands from the moment you first call us to long after the project has been completed. In order to deliver this experience, we provide:

  • Unrivaled expertise – TFS specialists have been trained and certified through the Supportworks dealer network. Along with Supportworks, we have repaired roughly 50,000 homes across our network.
  • Detailed inspections – Our team can diagnose any foundation problem and will even point out problems that may arise in the future.
  • Flexible financing – To help make paying for your foundation solution less burdensome, we have financing options available for those who qualify.

To learn more about how TFS can repair cracks in your foundation at your residence in the greater Louisville, KY, area, and provide you with a calming peace of mind, contact us today. We look forward to improving your life by improving the place you call home.

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