Collin S. | Clarksville, TN Testimonial | Crawl Space Repair

Recently, a homeowner in Clarksville, TN, reached out to us with concerns over uneven floors in their charming, but aging house. As those can be indicators of deeper issues within the crawl space, we knew it was vital to address these concerns promptly to prevent further structural damage. Our customer care team swiftly set an appointment for an inspection, during which our System Design Specialist identified that the root cause was indeed in the crawl space—an area of any home that is easy to overlook but crucial for overall structural integrity. The diagnosis: weakened support beams and a need for comprehensive encapsulation to protect against moisture, pests, and mold, which could compromise the wooden structures. Dalton and his skilled crew were on site, rolling out the solution custom-designed for this homeowner’s needs. They installed our SmartJack support system, a proven solution for lifting and stabilizing sagging floor joists in crawl spaces. Alongside, they executed a full encapsulation of the crawl space to seal it from the external elements—a dual approach ensuring the home rests on a solid foundation and is shielded from underneath. What’s remarkable about the homeowner’s experience, and something we thrive on, is the emphasis on how we addressed all concerns with detail-oriented care. This homeowner was initially wary, given the significant work their home needed. However, they were thoroughly impressed by the end of the process, noting the attention to detail and the transformation in their floor’s stability and overall sense of security in their house’s foundation.

“Dalton and his crew did an awesome job. They installed jacks and beams to level my floors and a did full encapsulation of my crawl space. He made sure my concerns were addressed and the quality of work was top notch. I was impressed with the attention to detail.” – Collin S. 

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