Chris A. | Nashville, TN Testimonial | Concrete Repair

cracked concrete in steps

In Nashville, we faced a familiar challenge: a homeowner’s concrete steps were cracking. They reached out, and our Customer Care quickly set an inspection with our Sales Team’s. During the visit, it was undeniable – the steps needed help, and PolyLevel and NexusPro were the solution. PolyLevel, a less invasive tech, lifted the concrete back into place, while NexusPro sealed the cracks, warding off further damage. Our team of skilled installers worked efficiently, reviving the steps to their former glory. Not only were the steps safe again but their appearance significantly improved. In no time, the homeowner’s concrete steps were secure and welcoming once more. It’s projects like this that affirm our commitment to providing reliable solutions and an unparalleled customer experience.

“Great price! Very competitive versus the competition. Daniel and his crew did amazing work. It was fun to watch and they were courteous, prompt, and cleaned up the area well.” – Chris A.

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