Basement Waterproofing Nashville

Basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing Nashville is not a DIY job. Why? The fix is specialized and requires knowledge, skill and specific equipment. Educate yourself to verify you have a repair problem, what work really needs to be done to your home, who to call and why. Click here for tips on leaky basements from HGTV.

  • Why Basements Leak – There are too many reasons to list here, but two main reasons are; most builders DO NOT build homes with footing drains or waterproof coatings.
    • Footing Drains – Drain tile along the exterior or interior footings of the home to take water away.
      • Footing drain failure is the most common cause of water in basements. When a footing drain fails, the soil around the home’s foundation becomes waterlogged. The density of the water in the soil creates hydrostatic pressure and water finds its way into your basement.
    • Waterproof Coatings – A thick coating applied to the foundation of a home to keep the water out.
  • Dirt Around Your Home’s Foundation WILL Settle – When your house is built and the soil is pushed against the new foundation, it will settle – particularly during the first few years.  Weather is part of the problem, too. When we experience a drought, the soil shrinks away from the foundation, and when we have a lot of rain, the soil then washes away.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure – Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that is exerted by a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the force of gravity. Hydrostatic pressure increases in proportion to depth measured from the surface because of the increasing weight of fluid exerting downward force from above. So, if the hollow space in the soil around your home’s foundation is filled with water from a heavy rain, it will cause the hydrostatic pressure to push water into your basement.

TFS Preferred Repair Method: Professionally Installed Wall Encapsulation, Triple Sump System & Dehumidifier

Why the TFS System works and is the best for your basement waterproofing Nashville.

  • Correcting your basement problem with the TFS Wall Encapsulation System:
    • Seal your block/concrete walls with 12 mil TFS encapsulation.
      • Fiber reinforced
      • Anti-microbial
      • Ultra fresh
      • Bright white
      • Tear & puncture resistant
      • UV & thermal stabilizers
  • Correcting your basement problem with the TFS Triple Sump System
    • Direct the water out of your basement.
      • 1/3 hp cast-iron main pump
      • 1/2 hp for high water or flood events
      • Battery backup – this system works all the time
      • Made in America
      • 3 year warranty
  • Correcting your basement problem with the TFS Dehumidifier
    • Remove humidity, odors, dust, mold and allergens.
      • Removes up to 12 gallons of water per day
      • Energy star rated
      • 5 year warranty
      • Made in America
      • Reusable filter
      • No messy water tray to empty
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