Alison C. | McMinnville, TN Testimonial | Basement Waterproofing

Recently, we had the opportunity to assist a homeowner in McMinnville, TN, who was facing challenges with their basement. Upon contacting our friendly Customer Care team, a home inspection was swiftly arranged. Our System Design Specialist visited the property for a thorough inspection. It was found that water intrusion was a recurring issue, primarily due to inadequate waterproofing. To address this, we recommended the installation of a high-quality waterproofing system tailored to their home. This involved the installation of a sump pump to efficiently manage and redirect water away from the property, alongside a durable vapor barrier to minimize moisture buildup in the crawl space. Our solution was designed to not only address the current dampness but also to prevent future water-related issues, contributing to a healthier and more stable home environment. Our production team meticulously installed these solutions, ensuring the highest quality of work and minimal inconvenience to the homeowner. Following the installation, the difference was remarkable. The basement was noticeably drier, and the concerns about mold and the home’s structural integrity were alleviated. Importantly, the homeowner was left feeling relieved and confident in the durability of the solution, backed by our commitment to provide a remarkable customer experience and long-lasting reliability. This McMinnville project stands as a testament to our mission to assist homeowners in overcoming their basement water issues with reliable, efficient solutions.

“Clayton and his crew were prompt, polite, and explained each step of the process. They did a great job installing the waterproofing solution we needed quickly and efficiently. We appreciated their customer service and skill. Highly recommend!”

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