Ada R. | Louisville, KY Testimonial | Concrete Repair

When Ada from Louisville, KY, noticed the once smooth surface of her sidewalk starting to resemble a rugged pathway, she knew it was time for a change but dreaded the thought of a full-blown replacement. She reached out to us at TFS, hoping for a less intrusive yet effective solution to her problem. Fortunately, we had just the right fix in mind. After Ada contacted our Customer Care team, we quickly got our System Design Specialist on the job to assess the scene. This specialist, with a keen eye for detail, examined the sidewalk and driveway. The diagnosis? Compromised stability and numerous unsightly cracks. The solution? PolyLevel for sunken slab lifting and NexusPro for crack sealing. This combination, we’ve found, does not only repair but rejuvenates aging concrete, giving it a refreshed look separated from the pain of entire replacement. What once was a cause for concern had been beautifully mended, restoring not just the concrete but also her peace of mind.

A very nice experience with Kyle and Hunter this morning. They were on time with plenty of notice ahead of their arrival. They explained everything to me and what the expectation was and they delivered! My side walk looks great. Thanks!” – Ada R.

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