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Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better With Time. They Get Better With TFS.

Incorporated in 1817, Columbia, Tennessee, is well-known for its Antebellum architecture, with many homes from the pre-Civil War period still standing, as well as one of President James K. Polk’s original residences. Whether you live in an older home or a recently constructed one in the Columbia area, if you are worried about the condition of its foundation, turn to our experts at The Foundation Specialists.

We offer proven, reliable foundation repair solutions that can stabilize your home, make it safer, and even reverse some of the damages from foundation problems, erosion, flooding, and more. Our company has been serving Columbia and Maury County since 1999, and whether you live near Downtown, West Meade, or the Beech Grove area, we can help with all your foundation, basement, and concrete repair needs.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Your foundation supports your entire home, and any weakness or damage to the foundation walls can spread to the rest of the house. Prompt foundation repairs are essential as soon as any damage is found, and our team at TFS can help. We are a leading foundation contractor in the Columbia region, and our services include:

  • Push piers: Driven deep underground, push piers use stronger soils or bedrock for support.
  • Helical piers: Driven into the earth like a screw, helical foundation piers support your home on stronger soil or rock below.
  • CarbonArmor: Supports your foundation wall with carbon and Kevlar-reinforced straps from the floor to the rim joist.
  • Geo-lock wall anchors: Anchors your foundation wall to the surrounding soil.
  • PowerBrace system: Uses steel beams from the basement floor to the joist above to support the foundation walls.
  • EverBrace system: Creates a steel wall to brace and restore damaged foundation walls.

Learn more about any of these foundation repair methods by calling TFS at 844-468-4674 or contacting us online. And remember: Foundation problems don’t get better with time. They get better with TFS.

Foundation Repair
concrete repair

Concrete Repair & Sealing

Have you noticed cracks in your basement walls or a slab floor? Need a driveway sealed? Our team at TFS can help. We offer concrete crack repair, fountain crack repair, concrete sealing, and more. Our concrete repair solutions include: Whether you are filling cracks in a driveway, sealing foundation cracks, or lifting a sidewalk, our team at TFS can help. Call 844-468-4674 or contact us online for an appointment in Columbia or the surrounding areas.

Basement Waterproofing & Repair

A damp or flooded basement can lead to mold and mildew problems, rotten wood framing, structural problems, and more. At TFS, we offer basement waterproofing, basement leak repair, basement sealer, and foundation wall reinforcement. Our full line of services for your Columbia basement includes:

For help sealing your basement and making it a more usable part of your home, call 844-468-4674 or contact us online.

Basement being repaired with the PowerBrace system.
Crawl space repaired with SmartJack support posts.

Crawl Space Services

Whether you have a vented crawl space or a sealed crawl space, excessive moisture can be a significant problem. Choose our team at TFS for waterproofing a crawl space, wet crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, and more. Our crawl space services include:

Stop wondering who will fix your crawl space, and call our team at TFS. We have all the equipment necessary for a professional crawl space, and we have over 20 years of experience. Call 844-468-4674 for a crawl space repair quote.

Request an Inspection in Columbia Today

Do you suspect you have foundation damage? Call our team at TFS for a foundation inspection. We work on all types of foundations, from foundation pier and beam systems to crawl spaces and full basements. Our experts will inspect your foundation and create a proposal tailored to your needs. We offer great financing options to make the process as easy as possible, and we will work within your budget so there are no unnecessary surprises.

Give us a call at 844-468-4674 or contact us online to learn how we can help solve your foundation, basement, or concrete issues in Columbia or the surrounding areas of Tennessee.

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