Muthrine W. | Lebanon, TN Testimonial | Basement Waterproofing

basement that needs waterproofing

Faced with a wet basement due to soil erosion, a homeowner in Lebanon, TN, turned to us, seeking a reliable solution. After getting in touch with our Customer Care team, a home inspection was swiftly arranged. Our System Design Specialist diagnosed the issue and recommended a foolproof fix. Our skilled production team took over, installing the system meticulously, transforming the potentially damaging situation into a secure, dry basement. The services TFS provided were a game-changer, effectively tackling the threat of water damage head-on. The job’s success was immediately apparent – no more wet basement, no more worries. The home was not just repaired; it was enhanced for the long haul. At TFS, transforming homes from vulnerable to secure while ensuring customer satisfaction is what we thrive on. If you are experiencing similar issues like this Lebanon homeowner, contact us to schedule a free estimate!


“I recently noticed soil erosion under my front door steps. My first thought was to call a foundation specialist to stop the problem before it got worse. I immediately thought of TFS since I used this company a few years back and was very satisfied with the results. After I called, a very knowledgeable specialist (Derek) came out and explained in detail my problem, my options, and the cost. He took the time to ask about other issues that may have been related to soil erosion around my home. I was completely impressed with Derek’s professionalism. I highly recommend TFS.” – Muthrine W.

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