Mike B. | Shepherdsville, KY Testimonial | Waterproofing

When Mike discovered his crawl space was collecting water and affecting the air quality and structure of his home in Shepherdsville, KY, he knew it was time to call for help. He turned to us at TFS, seeking a solution that would not just fix the problem temporarily, but provide a long-lasting remedy. After contacting our Customer Care team, an appointment was quickly arranged for a complete home inspection. Our System Design Specialist visited Mike’s home to assess the situation. The diagnosis? Mike’s crawl space needed comprehensive waterproofing to prevent moisture buildup, not just now but for the future. We recommended a combination of solutions including the installation of a dehumidifier, a single sump pump for efficient water removal, SilverGlo insulation panels to keep the area dry and energy-efficient, a durable encapsulation system with drainage matting to divert water away, and a properly sealed crawl space door to prevent future issues. Once Mike was content with the plan, our production team swung into action. They worked meticulously, first by preparing the crawl space and then systematically installing each component. Every step of the process focused on not just addressing the immediate concern but ensuring that Mike wouldn’t have to worry about water in his crawl space again. Upon completion, the space was clean, dry, and efficiently insulated. At TFS, our goal went beyond just fixing Mike’s problem; we also aimed to provide him with a remarkable service experience. Seeing his relieved smile and knowing we’ve improved his home’s health and safety with our long-lasting waterproofing solution was a reminder of why we do what we do. For us, it’s all about ensuring that the home Mike loves is protected for years to come.

“I had a bad water problem in my crawlspace, which was causing mold to grow. I contacted TFS to encapsulate my crawlspace. Jacob Holz came out to get a plan together for me. He was very professional, and answered all my questions. Brad from the installation crew called me a few days later to set up a time for the encapsulation. He kept me informed of the time that they were coming. He was very professional. The crew consisted of four guys, Brad, Archie, Brandon, and Russell. They were very hard-working, professional, and courteous men. They did a very neat job. I was very pleased with the work. I would definitely recommend them again.” – Mike B.

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