Common Foundation Issues in Winter and How to Address Them 

stable home with foundation repair

With winter’s arrival, it’s essential to pay attention to your home’s foundation, which bears the brunt of the challenges that come from the colder months. From freezing temperatures to thawing snow, winter can wreak havoc on foundations, leading to a lot of issues. Let’s discuss common foundation problems that arise during winter and some solutions you can do as a homeowner, to address them.

1. Cracks and Fractures:

     Problem: Cold temperatures can cause the soil around the foundation to contract, exerting pressure on the concrete and leading to cracks and fractures.

     Solution: Regularly inspect your foundation for signs of cracks and address them promptly to prevent even further damage. 

crack in exterior of foundation.

2. Moisture Infiltration:

     Problem: Thawing snow and ice can result in excess moisture seeping into the foundation, leading to dampness, mold growth, and structural instability.

     Solution: Ensure proper drainage around your home by cleaning gutters and downspouts. Direct water away from the foundation and consider installing a sump pump to remove excess water.

3. Mold and Mildew:

     Problem: Damp and humid conditions in basements and crawl spaces during winter create an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew.

     Solution: Encapsulate your basement or crawlspace with a waterproofing system to prevent moisture from penetrating. Use a dehumidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels and inhibit mold growth.

Before & After crawl space encapsulation

4. Foundation Heaving:

     Problem: Freeze-thaw cycles can cause the soil beneath the foundation to expand and contract, leading to foundation heaving and uneven settling.

     Solution: Ensure proper grading around your home to promote water drainage away from the foundation. Consider installing foundation piers to stabilize the foundation and prevent further movement.

5. Insulation Issues:

     Problem: Inadequate insulation in basements and crawl spaces can result in heat loss, leading to frozen pipes and increased energy costs.

     Solution: Insulate pipes to prevent freezing and burst pipes. Consider adding insulation to basement walls to improve energy efficiency and maintain comfortable temperatures.

Winter brings a unique set of challenges for homeowners, particularly when it comes to protecting the foundation from the harsh elements. By being proactive and addressing common winter foundation issues, you can safeguard your home against potential damage and ensure its longevity. From sealing cracks to encapsulating basements, take the necessary steps to fortify your foundation and weather the winter season with confidence. 

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