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Smyrna, Tennessee, is a family-friendly town close to Nashville that was founded in 1855. With plenty of historical buildings and older homes, foundation and concrete issues are not uncommon in the area. When you need help with your home’s foundation, basement, crawl space, or concrete work, turn to our experts at The Foundation Specialists.

Our company has been serving the Smyrna area since 1999, and from Riverview to Woodmont and Westfork, we offer concrete driveway sealing, garage floor sealing, foundation repair, wet crawl space repair, and more. Our team is skilled and experienced, and we offer custom solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Foundation Repair Solutions

As heavy as the typical home is in the Smyrna area, it needs a good support system in place to avoid settling and structural damage. That is the job of the foundation, and whether it is a foundation pier and beam system, a crawl space, or a full basement, our experts at TFS can help with any foundation issues you may encounter. We are the premier foundation contractor in the Smyrna area, and our foundation repair services include:

  • Push piers: Driven deep underground, push piers use stronger soils or bedrock for support.
  • Helical piers: Driven into the earth like a screw, helical foundation piers support your home on stronger soil or rock below.
  • CarbonArmor: Supports your foundation wall with carbon and Kevlar-reinforced straps from the floor to the rim joist.
  • Geo-lock wall anchors: Anchors your foundation wall to the surrounding soil.
  • PowerBrace system: Uses steel beams from the basement floor to the joist above to support the foundation walls.
  • EverBrace system: Creates a steel wall to brace and restore damaged foundation walls.

Request a quote for foundation repair in Smyrna or the surrounding areas by calling 844-468-4674 or contacting us online.

Foundation Repair
concrete repair

Concrete Repair & Sealing

When you are filling cracks in a driveway, need a concrete slab lifted, or you are sealing foundation cracks, turn to our team at TFS for help. We offer concrete crack repair, foundation crack repair, concrete floor sealer, and more. Our concrete repair services in Smyrna include: Schedule concrete repair services in Smyrna by calling 844-468-4674 or contacting us online.

Basement Waterproofing & Repair

Basements in the Smyrna area are prone to moisture problems, flooding, mold growth, and more. To protect your home and prevent water damage, consider basement waterproofing services from our team at TFS. We offer basement leak repair, basement sealer, foundation wall reinforcement, and more. Our full line of basement services includes:

Seal your basement and keep your belongings protected with help from TFS. Call 844-468-4674 or contact us online to schedule basement waterproofing and repair.

Basement being repaired with the PowerBrace system.
Crawl space repaired with SmartJack support posts.

Crawl Space Services

When a crawl space is damp or wet, it can attract pests, damage appliances, encourage mold growth and cause wood framing to rot. At TFS, we offer crawl space encapsulation, crawl space repair, and crawl space sealing for both vented and sealed crawl space systems. Our crawl space services include:

For reliable, professional help with waterproofing a crawl space, turn to our experts at TFS. Call 844-468-4674 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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Don’t get taken in by a cheap foundation fix. For house foundation repairs that will last, choose our team at TFS. We have been serving the Smyrna area for over 20 years and we have the experience and equipment to handle all your foundation, basement, crawl space, and concrete repair needs. Our inspection team will create a proposal that meets your needs and budget, and we offer flexible financing options that make it simple to start your foundation repairs as soon as possible.

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