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Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better With Time. They Get Better With TFS.

Homeowners love Hazel Green for the beautiful Northern Alabama landscapes and peaceful small-town feel, but that peaceful feeling can evaporate in a hurry when something goes wrong with essential parts of your home’s structure. From cracked foundations or concrete to moisture issues in your basement or crawl space, letting issues worsen only leads to problems down the line.

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Foundation Repair Solutions

Are you noticing cracked bricks or walls, a leaning chimney, or having trouble with doors and windows sticking shut? These are all signs of foundation problems caused by settling, which will only get worse without professional intervention. TFS offers a full range of foundation repair solutions to solve any foundation issue:

Contact TFS for a free, no-obligation consultation to determine the best foundation repair option for your Hazel Green home.

Foundation Repair
concrete repair

Concrete Repair & Sealing

Sometimes, damage to concrete requires a full replacement — but oftentimes, concrete repair services are a viable option for keeping your concrete and saving on the cost of full replacement. Our concrete repair services in Hazel Green include:

These solutions will level your concrete, repair cracks, and guard against compression. We also offer SealantPro concrete sealing, to bring your concrete permanent protection against the elements.

Basement Waterproofing & Repair

Basements in Hazel Green are susceptible to the humidity and moisture in the area, and basement repair is available to prevent water from entering and damaging your home. Our basement solutions include:

Contact TFS at 844.468.4674 the moment you spot any signs of water damage in your basement, so we can identify the best ways to keep your home secure against moisture.

Basement being repaired with the PowerBrace system.
Crawl space repaired with SmartJack support posts.

Crawl Space Services

Like basements, crawl spaces in Hazel Green need precautions against moisture incursion. The Foundation Specialists can help with:

A dry crawl space is essential for good indoor air quality and structural soundness, so don’t wait to request your free crawl space evaluation from the TFS team.

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The Foundation Specialists is the premier foundation contractor in Hazel Green for good reason. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from:

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  • 20+ years of industry success
  • Dedication to an exceptional customer experience
  • The TFS CareClub annual maintenance program

Preserve your home’s integrity and protect your investment by getting foundation, concrete, basement, and crawl space issues resolved effectively.

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