Front Porch Concrete Steps

Nolensville, TN


Jane called us to set up an appointment after she noticed that the concrete steps on her front porch were separating from the rest of her house. Upon inspection, our specialist noted that although the stairs were still connected to the porch at the bottom, there was already more than an inch of separation at the top and it was bending further outwards by the day. Jane wanted us to find a solution which would not only leave a seamless cosmetic repair but would also reduce the trip hazard, making the stairs safe for her and her family to use.


After examining the situation and considering the options, our specialist, Mike Lattero, decided that our PolyLevel product would be the best solution to fix the stairs. PolyLevel is a powerful concrete lifting solution that is injected into concrete in liquid form and then expands to a foam-like substance within seconds, lifting concrete back to its original state. PolyLevel is manufactured from recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly.

Our specialist called for about 18 pounds of PolyLevel for this project. After lifting the stairs, any cracks in the concrete from the stairs down to the sidewalk were to be filled in with NexusPro Joint Sealant, which not only provides a sleek look, but also seals cracks from exposure to water and other elements which could damage the concrete or affect the soil underneath.

The crew faced adversity immediately as the solid concrete steps were too heavy for the PolyLevel alone to lift. Considering the weight of the steps, they decided it would be easier to get the PolyLevel where it needed to go if they jacked the steps manually.

The new plan called for an angle iron bolted to each side of the steps. The crew placed jacks under the angle iron, and jacked the steps up to their original state by hand. Lifting the steps manually opened up a huge gap underneath where PolyLevel could be injected, holding the stairs in the proper position.

After the steps were jacked to the desired height, the crew drilled several dime sized holes in the bottom step and the sidewalk in front of the steps for the PolyLevel injection.

Our team hit their second speed bump when they noticed that the PolyLevel wasn’t getting where it needed to be in order to hold the steps in place. After some investigation, the crew discovered the cause. The concrete extended about 2 feet into the ground, and had a hollow center filled with gravel. This meant that the holes drilled wouldn’t be deep enough to get the PolyLevel below the slab and lift it up, they would just be injecting into the gravel filled void inside the steps.

It took some brainstorming, but eventually our team came up with a solution that would work. They drilled a slightly bigger hole with a longer drill that could extend past the 2 feet of concrete and filled the hole with a rubber tube that would extend through the void and come out on the other side, underneath the steps.

The PolyLevel was injected through the tube and was able to travel through the steps and come out on the other side producing the desired lifting effect. After several injections in different spots, the jacks were removed and the stairs stayed put!

Our team then sealed up any cracks and port holes using Nexus Pro Joint Sealant and crack filler.

All said and done, the project used approximately 58lbs of Poly Level! The determination and resourcefulness of our production crew assured that no obstacle would be too big to complete the job. That’s what we call redefining our industry!

Project Summary


Mike Lattero

Team Leader

Joe Alletto

Materials Used

PolyLevel (approx. 58 lbs.), NexusPro Joint Sealant

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