What Goes Into Determining The Cost of Foundation Repair  

stucco crack in wall near window

There is no DIY fix for a foundation problem. It can be a major safety concern and requires a professional. Nearly every home “settles into place in one way or another after it’s built. This can show up in tiny, hairline cracks along some interior walls. You might even hear your home creaking in the night. When the cracks in the walls continue to grow, this indicates a larger problem, likely with the foundation the home is built on. 

If you are experiencing growing foundation cracks in your home, a professional foundation repair specialist should inspect your home to determine how it can be remedied. 

crack in homes foundation

As far as pricing goes when it comes to foundation repairs, It can be hard to pin down exactly how much it will cost per case. A crack is just one symptom of what could potentially be multiple issues with your home’s foundation. The type of foundation you have can also play a role in the cost of repairs. But, there is one constant that holds true when it comes to foundation issues; these problems DON’T get better with time, they get better with TFS. 

crack in exterior of foundation.

At TFS we specialize in diagnosing foundation problems and implementing the right solutions to repair your home back to how it should be. The peace of mind, quality of life and safety you are looking for in your home is priceless. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection.

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