Ruth B. | Salem, IN Testimonial | Crawl Space Repair

Recently in Salem, IN, a homeowner reached out to us at TFS with a pressing concern about their home. This double-wide home was installed in the early 2000’s, and time wasn’t being the kindest to the home’s foundation – the tripods that were installed were rusting away, threatening the stability of their beloved house. Understanding the gravity of the situation, our team, ready to provide a remarkable and reliable solution, jumped into action. Our process kicked off with our dedicated Customer Care team coordinating an inspection appointment for the concerned homeowner. A skilled System Design Specialist from our Sales Team was dispatched to thoroughly inspect the property. Their expertise allowed them to diagnose the root of the problem accurately and they recommended the ideal solution to ensure long-lasting stabilization: SmartJacks. Our SmartJack product is a high-quality, adjustable steel pier designed to halt settling and even potentially lift the settled foundations, making it perfect for addressing the homeowners’ worries and providing precisely what was needed to make their home safe and stable for years to come. Following the customized proposal, our talented production team, consisting of a dedicated foreman and skilled installers, got to work. With professionalism, talent, and a dose of kindness, they installed the SmartJacks efficiently. Their expertise not only remedied the rusted metal tripods problem but confidently reassured the homeowner of their homes stability. Post-installation, the relieved and satisfied homeowner shared how impressed they were with the professionalism, and helpful approach of the TFS team. The fears they had regarding their home’s safety were now a thing of the past. Gone were the days of worrying about their house’s foundation – they were now left with steadfast confidence in its stability, all thanks to TFS.

“I live in a double wide. When installed in the 2000’s, they used metal tripods, which were rusting away. TFS did a great job re-stabilizing our house. They were very professional, kind and helpful. I don’t think my house is going anywhere now.” – Ruth B.

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