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crawl space that needs repairing

We recently had the pleasure of helping a family in Shelbyville, KY, who realized their home was dealing with some serious crawl space issues. It all started when they noticed uneven floors in their home and an increase in humidity and mustiness in the overall smell. Knowing something needed to be done, they reached out to us for help. After contacting our friendly Customer Care team, we scheduled a home inspection where our System Design Specialist visited the family’s residence. Upon inspection, it was confirmed: the home’s crawl space was compromising the safety and comfort of their living environment. We recommended a comprehensive solution that included our SmartJack system for stabilizing the foundation, plus steel shims and joint assist brackets to address the uneven floors. To prevent future moisture problems, we also proposed installing a single sump pump along with our HydraWay Crawl Space Waterproofing system. Our production team got to work installing the SmartJacks, which effectively stabilized the foundation while the waterproofing system ensured the crawl space remained dry and healthy. The addition of steel shims and joint assist brackets brought the uneven floors back to level, ultimately transforming the feel and stability of the home above. The homeowners were delighted with the stability and dryness of their now-repaired crawl space. They immediately noticed a difference in the musty odors they were smelling and felt more confident in the structural integrity of their home. Doing the work efficiently and effectively, we left with the satisfaction of providing a remarkable solution that not only resolved the immediate issues but also helped in improving the overall quality of the family’s home.

“They did what they promised in the contract and their employees were friendly and respectful. They had knowledge of what they were doing.” – Ron H. 

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