Ricky W. | Elizabethtown, KY Testimonial | Crawl Space Repair

Recently, in Elizabethtown, KY, we tackled a homeowner’s challenge with sagging floors and a compromised crawl space, threatening the integrity of their beloved home. Their concerns led them to TFS, hoping for a solution that would ensure their home’s longevity and safety. Our approach began with an in-depth inspection by a System Design Specialist, diagnosing the underlying issues. The recommended solution was the installation of our SmartJack system – designed for lifting and stabilizing floors to their original position. Brad’s crew, skilled and efficient, implemented the SmartJack system. We also encapsulated the crawl space to fend off moisture – fortifying the home’s foundation. Thanks to this straightforward yet effective process, the homeowner can now enjoy a safer, more stable living environment. With the floors back in place and the crawl space secure, their confidence in their home’s ability to support their family for the long term was fully restored. Another job at TFS where we commit to lasting solutions and ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.

“Brad’s crew, from TFS, came out to my residence and did a fantastic job leveling my floors and encapsulating the crawl space. I am now confident that my dream home will support our family for years to come. Thank you!!” – Ricky W.

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