Rick M. | Nashville, TN Testimonial | Concrete Repair

PolyLevel job on concrete.

When Rick noticed his front walkway sinking and cracking, it was more than a small annoyance – it was a hazard right outside his Nashville home. Determined to fix it, Rick called us, and we were ready to bring our expertise right to his doorstep. Our process kicked off with a home inspection to pinpoint the precise problem, leading to a straightforward solution – PolyLevel for lifting the walkway, and NexusPro for sealing those troublesome cracks. Our experienced team zeroed in on the task, injecting the durable PolyLevel foam beneath the concrete to raise it back to its proper level, stable and secure for years to come. They then meticulously applied NexusPro sealant, ensuring those cracks were a thing of the past, safeguarded against future wear and tear. Rick’s walkway was not only brought back to life but reinforced to weather the test of time and elements, all with minimal disruption to his daily life. By delivering on our promise of a remarkable customer experience and long-lasting repair solutions, we left Rick with peace of mind and a walkway he could be proud of, showcasing our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding homeowner expectations.

“TFS did a great job on my porches and carport today. Daniel and Ethan I owe you a big thank you. No mess to come home to. They are a plus to this company. I will refer TFS to anyone that needs concrete repair. Thank you!” Rick M.

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