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crawl space repair

Recently, we had the opportunity to assist a homeowner in La Grange, KY, with a rather challenging issue. Raymond, the homeowner, was facing serious problems with his crawl space, and called TFS to repair and protect his home from further damage. Persistent moisture, inadequate insulation, and unsettling foundational concerns had turned his crawl space into a problem for his home. Upon contacting our Customer Care team, Raymond’s journey to a safer home began. We scheduled a home inspection where our System Design Specialist thoroughly evaluated the situation. It became immediately clear that the space required waterproofing, proper insulation, and structural stabilization. Our recommended plan involved a complete overhaul of the crawl space. We got to work, installing SmartJacks to support the foundation, supplemental beams to enhance structural integrity, joint assist brackets for additional support, and a sump pump to manage any water intrusion effectively. This step was crucial in creating an environment that discouraged moisture accumulation. Next, we introduced a dehumidifier and an encapsulation fan to regulate humidity levels, ensuring the space remained dry all year round. Our final touch was encapsulating the entire space and installing a new crawl space door. This comprehensive approach not only addressed the immediate concerns but also left Raymond’s crawl space well protected against future issues. The outcome? Raymond’s crawl space is now a dry, stable, and energy-efficient part of his home. He no longer has to worry about the problems once caused by this commonly overlooked area.

“Justin and Dakota’s teams were beyond perfect. Every day at the start and finish they kept us informed and answered all our questions. They were super clean, knowledgeable and very personable. The entire crew were always friendly, helpful and kept a clean work environment. The finished product they expertly crafted speaks volumes of their experience and work ethic. Our family truly and deeply appreciate their hard work and dedication to give us peace of mind. Have no doubt about their commitment to their product, we fully endorse their work! Thank you!” – Raymond M. 

If you are in need of crawl space repair in La Grange, KY give us a call at (844) 468-4674 or contact us here to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.

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