Rachel M. | Mount Juliet, TN Testimonial | Crawl Space Repair

Recently, we had the opportunity to help a homeowner in Mt. Juliet, TN, who was facing issues with water accumulation in their crawl space. Understanding the urgency of their situation and the damage that stagnant water could do to their home, they reached out to us for a reliable solution. Upon contact, our dedicated Customer Care team quickly scheduled an inspection. Our System Design Specialist visited the home to assess the situation firsthand. It was clear that the crawl space was in urgent need of a French drain and encapsulation to prevent water damage and to ensure the space remained dry and functional. Our production team, led by an experienced foreman and composed of skilled installers, then took on the task with precision. They installed a robust French drain system to redirect water away from the crawl space, effectively eliminating the risk of accumulation. For encapsulation, the team used high-quality materials, not just to cover the area but also to ensure it was properly insulated. This dual approach not only solved the immediate water problem but also significantly improved the energy efficiency of the home. The outcome was a dry, encapsulated crawl space. The homeowner was thrilled with the result, expressing satisfaction not only with the immediate solution to their problem but also with the improved atmosphere within the home. Through our collaborative efforts, disciplined process, and high-quality materials, we were able to exceed the homeowner’s expectations, reinforcing our mission to provide a remarkable customer experience and a dependable, lasting solution to the problem at hand.
crawl space repair

“Dalton, Noah and Jeremy installed a French drain and fully encapsulated our large crawl space. They beyond exceeded our expectations with the level or service they provided. We are so happy with the work that was done. Not to mention they were so sweet to our 5 year old who followed them around for part of the day! Thank you all for your hard work!” – Rachel M. 

At TFS we value customer satisfaction and ensuring we leave their home knowing we have exceeded all expectations. If you are in need of crawl space repair like Rachel in Mount Juliet, contact us today and get back to loving your home.
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