Larry H. | Martin, TN Testimonial | Crawl Space Repair

Larry from Martin, TN, like many homeowners, was dealing with a less-than-ideal crawlspace situation that was affecting the overall comfort and safety of his home. Crawlspace issues can range from annoying to downright hazardous, and in this case, Larry was facing multiple issues that needed a comprehensive solution. First things first, our Customer Care team swiftly set up an appointment for a home inspection to diagnose the root of Larry’s concerns. During inspection, our System Design Specialist found that Larry’s home needed the following: compromised joists needed sistering, the entire crawlspace required encapsulation to ward off moisture and protect the home’s foundation, and both a superior quality sump pump and dehumidifier were essential to keep the space dry and safe. Over two days, our foreman and experienced installers turned Larry’s problematic crawlspace into a model of stability and dryness. The outcome? A complete crawlspace rejuvenation for this homeowner.

“I had crawlspace issues, which TFS solved with a combination of installing floor jacks, sistering compromised joists, encapsulating the entire crawlspace, and installing a pump and dehumidifier. They provide an annual inspection. Their quality is the best, and their team got the work done in two days. I absolutely and unconditionally recommend TFS to anyone with crawlspace issues. They will inspect your situation and provide advise up-front.” – Larry H.

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