Larry H. | Clarksville, TN Testimonial | Foundation Repair

When Larry noticed that his front stairwell in Clarksville, TN, was showing signs of significant stress, he knew exactly who to call—TFS, especially after a great previous experience with our services. Being dedicated to addressing home foundation issues with precision and care, our team quickly jumped into action. Following our streamlined process, Larry’s concerns were swiftly attended to with a scheduled home inspection. Our System Design Specialist was on-site, inspecting every nook and corner of the problem area. The diagnosis? The foundation under the stairwell needed robust support. The products we use are designed to not only stop further damage but to lift and stabilize the foundation, ensuring long-term stability. Our production team wasted no time. With finesse and expertise, our production team got to work, directly tackling the root of the stress issue on the stairwell. Once the job was thoroughly completed and the site was cleaned up, leaving no trace of the work besides the beautifully restored stairwell, Larry was left with peace of mind. Larry’s satisfaction with our solution was a testament to our mission—providing a remarkable customer experience coupled with a reliable and long-lasting solution to their home’s problem. This job in Clarksville, TN, is just one of the many examples of how we are dedicated to nurturing and safeguarding the foundations of our clients’ homes with Knowledge, Integrity and Solution.

“TFS just finished a second project for us, providing stabilization under our front stairwell that was experiencing some stress. Dalton and his crew (Noah and Jeremy) did a great job.  Excellent communication, timely arrival, efficient work, very polite.  Not to mention very reasonable pricing.  I first found TFS when I had a sagging floor and water intrusion in our crawlspace. They provided a solution including jacks, beams, encapsulation, and control (dehumidifier and triple pump).  They also provide the option of an annual inspection, which I gladly subscribe to. I am extremely satisfied with their work and highly recommend them to anyone needing help with crawlspace or foundation. They turn a worrisome problem into a reassuring solution.” – Larry H. 


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