Kent M. | Nashville, TN Testimonial | Foundation Repair

A homeowner in Nashville, TN, who reached out to us with a concern about the foundation leading to their front door. The front of this home had started to settle unevenly, causing a noticeable and unsafe dip. Understanding the urgency of ensuring safety and maintaining their home’s curb appeal, the homeowner contacted our team at TFS for a reliable solution. Upon contacting our customer care team, the homeowner was swiftly connected with one of our experienced System Design Specialists for a thorough home inspection. Identifying the core issue, our Specialist proposed the installation of a Helical Pier system to effectively stabilize and lift the sunken area back to it’s original position. The job was scheduled, and our dedicated production team, led by Dalton, Noah, and Jeremy, was on site right on time. This trio is known for their professionalism and for providing clear explanations on our processes and solutions, ensuring homeowners are comfortable and informed every step of the way. Employing the Helical Pier solution, our team meticulously undertook the task of underpinning the area, aimed not only to immediately address the uneven settling but also to offer a long-lasting remedy that would prevent future issues. The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome—our solution not only restored the functionality and aesthetics of their entryway but also restored their peace of mind, knowing the problem was rectified using a dependable and durable solution.

“Dalton, Noah and Jeremy were great! We needed our stairs leading to our front door lifted and the job they did exceeded expectations. They were very professional and explained the process well. They were very efficient and on time. I am very happy with the results!” – Kent M.

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