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In Mt. Juliet, TN, a homeowner faced a troublesome driveway, riddled with cracks and sunken areas. Turning to TFS for help, they hoped for a fix that wouldn’t involve starting from scratch. Promptly after contacting us, a home inspection was scheduled. Our specialist then identified the root causes of the driveway’s issues and recommended our Polylevel product as the ideal solution for the perfect lift and leveling. Our dedicated team, led by our expert foreman, executed the installation seamlessly. Our Polylevel product was put to work, correcting the uneven and broken surfaces efficiently, revitalizing the driveway without the mess of a total replacement. In the end, the homeowner was delighted to see their driveway restored to its former glory: cracks sealed, and surfaces leveled. TFS once again demonstrated our commitment to providing reliable solutions and a remarkable customer experience, ensuring another driveway in Mt. Juliet remained safe and sturdy.

“Dalton, Noah and Jeremy just completed work on our crawl space. They were friendly, courteous and professional. Above and beyond expectations!  I would recommend this company to anyone who needs it.” – Kathy M. 

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