How To Identify 8 Common Signs Of Foundation Issues In Houses Or Commercial Buildings

signs of foundation issues

Foundation issues are frequently indicators of more significant structural concerns. Foundation repair is the only solution for these indications before they become a major problem. If you detect any symptoms, it’s time to contact the professionals at TFS – before the symptoms become worse!


Here are 8 common signs of foundation problems that you need to know about: 


  1. Fissures or cracks in walls or floors 

Fissures and cracks can be common especially when they are small (approx. 1/16 of an inch) and they run in a vertical direction. However, if they’re larger and run horizontally, these can pose more problems and should be addressed immediately. These could be caused by uneven settlement due to poor soil quality, excessive weight on one side of the house (like from an addition), or structural settling over time. 

  1. Uneven Floors

Keep an eye out for unlevel floors or even sagging. Not only are these signs dangerous but they can worsen over time. If you have a pier and beam, the foundation tends to make a squeaking sound. On the other hand, concrete foundations regularly become uneven.

  1. Disruption of Foundation

Foundation upheaval is shown by the foundation moving upward. And it is a result of water pressure against the soil due to poor drainage around the house, which causes too much weight on one side with not enough movement in any other direction. If this happens because of inadequate grading (soil), then it can be corrected by adding more fill or raising the affected area. 

However, if there are signs that indicate overloading has occurred from construction activities such as an addition or flat roof, it will require structural reinforcement and possibly underpinning depending on how severe the problem is. 

  1. Cabinets Parting From The Wall

Even if this is a newer house, signs of separation are never good. A wall with signs of countertops separating from the wall needs foundation repair. These signs often mean that there is too much pressure on one side of the home – either by choice (new addition) or through natural causes (water table rise). Look out for your cabinets or counters leaning away from the wall, even if by small inches.

  1. Cracks Around Window and Door Frames

Having issues locking your windows and doors? This can be due to gaps around the window and door frames. And it can indicate signs of foundation issues such as door or window frame settlement. This is a result of too much weight pushing down on one side while other sides remain unsupported. 

The gaps will continue to widen if not corrected through professional foundation support services. Fixing these signs usually requires the installation of piers underneath the structure in order for more even distribution across all four corners.  

  1. Foundation Settling Or Sinking

Foundation settling is either due to natural causes (excessive weight) or because the soil pressure was not properly distributed after adding new construction on top. It could also be caused by structural damage if there were past earthquakes in the area – which can weaken foundations over time leading to this issue. This will require complete foundation repair and reinforcement to ensure the house is supported evenly across all four corners.      

  1. Doors Don’t Open And Close Correctly

If your doors tend to stick and jam then this can be a common sign of foundation issues. You’ll be seeing your doors dragging at the top or on the floors, or your doors may be uneven. Another sign is that double doors will have difficulty meeting and closing properly.

  1. A Damp Crawl Space

Another sign of foundation issues is a damp crawl space. It‘s usually an indication of serious structural damage such as cracks in your home. Also, other signs that you should keep an eye out for are uneven floor joists and walls bulging or bowing out. Take the steps to find the source of the water, so you can stop it. If it continues, you’ll be inviting wet beams, insects such as termites, and a musty and moldy smell into your home.  


What To Do If I See These Common Signs of Foundation Issues?

Keep these warning signs in mind to identify potential problems. If you find foundation issues, then contact us today! Foundation problems don’t get better with time. They get better with TFS – The Foundation Specialists. Better call TFS.

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