Foundation Repair Is Not A DIY Job


Every time a homeowner tells us they plan to fix the problem themselves; we die a little inside. Foundation repair is NOT a DIY job and here’s why.

Our company works with homeowners every day to diagnose their foundation issues and implement a permanent fix.

Occasionally, we are called out to a home after a homeowner has tried to fix the problem themselves. This is NEVER a good idea. Problems with your home’s foundation can affect safety and property value. 


Foundation problems are complicated.

Like, really complicated. Two cracks that look similar can be caused by two completely different issues – and require different fixes.

Here’s just a shortlist of things a trained foundation repair contractor will consider when diagnosing issues:

  • The amount of time the problem has been going on
  • The type of soil your home is built on
  • The climate of the region you are in

Additionally, whether your home sits on a foundation slab, or has a crawlspace or basement impacts how the foundation can be repaired. 


Foundation fixes require a trained crew with the proper equipment.

Are you prepared to excavate under your home’s foundation footing? If the answer is no – and it should be – call a professional.

Some foundation issues call for installing helical piers under the home to permanently anchor your home to load-bearing soil, or bedrock.

Other times, a wall anchor is necessary to keep your walls from caving in. This requires drilling a hole into the foundation wall by a trained professional.


DIY fixes don’t come with a warranty.

Finally, a reputable foundation repair company will work to ensure a long-term fix to the problem. They will also guarantee this with a warranty on the parts installed and the work done.

What started as a simple foundation fix can quickly get out of hand. This is especially true for someone who is not skilled in the tools and products necessary to remedy the issue.

If finances were the initial reason you decided to do the work yourself, consider that the fix will likely become more expensive if the problem gets worse.


Top-Notch Foundation Repair Specialists

A trusted and professional foundation repair contractor will be able to properly diagnose the issues and implement a fix. Reach out today for a free, no-obligation full home inspection. Foundation problems don’t get better with time. They get better with TFS. Better call The Foundation Specialists today! 


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