Doug M. | Hendersonville, TN Testimonial | Concrete Repair

In Hendersonville, TN, we recently brought our expertise to a homeowner dealing with an uneven pool deck, which posed both an aesthetic concern and a safety hazard. After reaching out to us, our process kicked off with a thorough inspection by one of our System Design Specialists, pinpointing the shifting and settling of the concrete as the root issue. Solution? Our innovative PolyLevel product – a minimally invasive and highly effective method to level concrete surfaces ensuring long-lasting satisfaction. Our production team members, Landon and Ethan, stepped up, demonstrating unmatched professionalism throughout the project. They kept the homeowner in the loop, managing every detail, including unexpected glitches, and maintained clear communication from the scheduling stage to the final update. By injecting PolyLevel beneath the concrete, they were able to raise the pool deck to its original level with precision. The project not only eliminated the tripping hazard but also restored the pool area’s beauty. Completing the job, our team ensured everything was cleared up, leaving behind a perfectly leveled deck and a homeowner thrilled with the process and the outcome. Here at TFS, we’re more than just about fixing problems; we’re dedicated to delivering peace of mind through reliable, lasting solutions and a remarkable customer experience every step of the way.

“Landon and Ethan did a great job on leveling my pool deck. We had one unexpected glitch but they handled it professionally and fairly. Their communication was first rate throughout the process – from scheduling, to calling the night before to letting me know they were on the way to period, and updating me throughout the job. Ask for them when you schedule.” Doug M. 

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