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cracked concrete

In Jackson, TN, we had the privilege of revisiting a home where we had previously encapsulated their crawl space. This time, the issue at hand was with the concrete around their pool which had started to settle unevenly, leading to visible cracks and uneven surfaces. An understandably concerning situation for any homeowner, especially with the pool area being a central point for relaxation and gatherings. Upon their call, our Customer Care team sprang into action, promptly setting up an appointment for an inspection. Trust is key, and our returning clients knew that from their prior experience with us. Our System Design Specialist accurately assessed the situation, pointing out the issues contributing to the uneven concrete. Our recommendation: the innovative PolyLevel solution aimed to not only level the concrete but ensure a lasting fix that they wouldn’t have to worry about down the line. Our skilled teamed of Matthew, Daniel, and Ethan, arrived on-site, ready to transform the pool deck. Using PolyLevel, a particularly effective product for such an issue, they were able to lift the concrete to its proper level. By the project’s end, the transformation was undeniable. Cracks that once posed trip hazards and unsightly gaps had vanished, replaced by a smooth, level surface around the pool. It’s transformations like these, fueled by the trust homeowners in our community place in us – a commitment we don’t take lightly, that give us purpose.

“We have used TFS twice now, in Jackson, TN and have been impressed both times. Our crawl space was encapsulated last year and the concrete around our pool was just lifted this year. The pool deck is now leveled and sealed. It looks brand new. Big thank you to Matthew, Daniel, and Ethan! We will be calling them when we need our driveway leveled in the near future.” – David H.

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