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Recently in Normandy, TN, we had the pleasure of helping a homeowner bring life back to their 27-year-old sidewalk. They called us, worried about cracks and a few sunken spots that had transformed into trip hazards over the years. Understanding how these issues can compromise both the aesthetics and safety of a home, we were eager to start the project and provide a lasting solution. Our process kicked off with our customer care team scheduling an inspection to assess the situation accurately. A System Design Specialist then carefully examined the sidewalk, diagnosing the problems right away.  The outcome? A sidewalk revitalized to its original splendor, no longer posing any risk to those who walk over it. The homeowner’s pleasure with both the results and our team’s professionalism aptly mirrors our mission at TFS: providing not just a functional fix but an exceptional service experience.

“My 27 year-old sidewalk was cracked, sunken in places, and had become a trip hazard. The repair project was scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday. Both crews did a fantastic job. I am very pleased with the results. The sidewalk is back to the original level and all the cracks are sealed. Tuesday’s crew of Tucker, Yousif, Anthony, and Jacob did a great job fixing my “downspout problem.” Thursday’s crew of Daniel and Ethan also did a great job leveling the sidewalk and caulking the cracks. Both crews called each morning to introduce themselves and gave an estimated arrival time. I laughed a little when Daniel called about 7:00 am and said his arrival time would be 8:02 am. 02? I watched my phone and he pulled in the driveway at 8:02. I know it’s the GPS, but he did exactly what he said. Thanks again, everyone.” -Dale O. 

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