How Much Does It Cost To Fix Sagging Floors? 


The average cost to fix sagging floors and replace the subfloor can vary depending on factors such as the type of materials used. If you are wondering how much does it cost to repair a saggy floor, who should you hire for the repairs, or even what are the causes of sagging floors to prevent future damage, then this is the perfect guide for you!

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What are the causes of a sagging floor?

There are many reasons why a floor can sag and become uneven. This could be due to the construction of the home, damage from flooding, settling over time, or even just poor installation in some situations.

Sinking Foundation

If your home is built on a foundation that doesn’t sit perfectly level, this can cause the floor to have dips and valleys. A sinking foundation will cause the subfloor to move as well. If you have a concrete slab, there are so many ways to fix this issue, such as adding additional support beams and leveling out the subfloor. The national cost for repairing a sinking foundation is $2,400 to $10,000.

Decaying Floor Joists or Posts

If you have a support beam that has rotted or has been compromised, this can cause the floor to shift and settle. Either replacing the rotted beam or support post or adding supplementary supports under the beams can help to fix this problem. When it comes to decaying floor joists and posts, the national cost is $2,000, or $150 per joist.

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Flooding or Water Damage

If your home has experienced flooding or water damage, this can cause the floor to shift and warp. There are many different ways to prevent future sagging floors such as getting your subfloor replaced, especially if it has been compromised by water. But most importantly, you should always find and address the root of the problem. For water damage, the average cost to fix a sagging floor is $2,000 to $6,000


Inspecting your home is important to ensure it isn’t overrun with termites. A large and growing termite colony can quickly eat away at the subfloor of your home, causing it to weaken. You may have to replace a large section of the flooring, which can be costly, and fumigate your home to get rid of termites. The average cost to repair termite damage is about $250 to $2,000, but the cost to replace a sagging floor and subfloor depends on how much damage was done.

What are the costs to fix sagging floors and subfloors?

The typical costs for repairing sagging floors start at $1000 and can go up to $10,000, with the average rate being around $300 per square foot. But this can vary depending on the extent of the damage and materials needed to get the job done. 

Who should I hire to repair my sagging floor?

If you are wondering who you should call for help with repairing a saggy floor, you can contact a sagging floor or subfloor repair specialist. Ensure that you hire a reputable company with skilled technicians who can also give you an estimate on the cost to replace the subfloor or repair any sagging floors. This way you can work with a company that you trust and you’ll have an idea of the repair costs.

The Foundation Specialists, TFS has years of experience when it comes to replacing or repairing saggy floors or subfloors. Contact us today and get an estimate on our affordable services. By working with us, together we can take care of the problem before it gets worse!


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