Carl L. | Elizabethtown, KY Testimonial | Crawl Space Repair

In the heart of Elizabethtown, KY, a homeowner was beginning to worry about the situation under their home. Their crawl space was far from the ideal condition – it needed a mix of rapid attention and a durable solution that would last for years. Understanding the gravity of their concern, they reached out to us, hoping we could turn things around for them. As soon as we got the call, our Customer Care team sprang into action, quickly scheduling a comprehensive home evaluation. Our System Design Specialist, armed with extensive training and a friendly demeanor, visited the home. The inspection revealed some underlying issues – the crawl space was struggling under the weight it was bearing, indicating a need for stabilization and reinforcement. The solution proposed was precise and targeted: the installment of 9 SmartJacks, a reliable steel shim, supplemental beams for added support, and joint assist brackets to ensure a comprehensive solution. SmartJacks are our go-to for issues like these; they’re not only sturdy but also adjustable, which means we can always ensure the home is perfectly level and supported. Our production team, an ensemble of experienced foremen and diligent installers, got down to work. Layer by layer, with each SmartJack, steel shim, beam, and bracket installed, we could see the crawl space transforming. The job wasn’t just about installing parts, it was about breathing life back into a key part of the homeowner’s house, ensuring safety, stability, and peace of mind. By the time our cleanup was done – leaving the spot tidier than we found it – the transformation was complete. The homeowner’s crawl space had received the TLC it desperately needed, and they were thrilled with the results.

“Matt was very helpful and walked us through the details of what should be completed to stabilize our house.  He didn’t mind repeating details to us until we fully understood his proposal.” – Carl L.

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