Beth N. | Clarksville, TN Testimonial | Concrete Repair

Beth from Clarksville, TN, found herself in a bit of a situation with her concrete driveway, when she started noticing cracks and unevenness. She reached out to us, hopeful that we could help her find a solution. As usual, we kicked things off with a thorough inspection. Our System Design Specialist paid Beth’s home a visit, examined the problem areas, and recommended using PolyLevel and NexusPro to rectify the uneven concrete and seal the cracks. Our dedicated production team arrived early, briefed Beth on the day’s plan, and got straight to work. PolyLevel was used to carefully lift and level the concrete slabs, ensuring a seamless and even surface—like making sure your coffee table doesn’t wobble, but on a larger, more intricate scale. Following the leveling, NexusPro was applied to fill in the cracks and joints, giving it that fresh, just-as-new look but with the added promise of durability. By the time we finished, the transformation was evident. Not only did Beth’s driveway look as good as the day it was first poured, but the security underfoot was restored. No more worrying about trip hazards or water damage from those pesky, now-filled cracks and crevices.

“Daniel and Ethan did an amazing job!! They arrived right away and got the driveway even and looking good again. Thank you!!” – Beth N.

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