Basement Cracks Louisville KY

Basement cracks

Basement Cracks? TFS Provides Basement And Wall Repair In And Around Louisville, KY.

What are the causes of basement cracks? The signs of wall failure will look different depending on if your walls are built from concrete block or poured concrete. Some common signs concerning a block foundation:

  • Horizontal Cracking – Horizontal cracking near the middle of the wall is one of the first symptoms you will notice in the case of a bowing wall. Horizontal cracks usually start out small and increase in width over time as the soil outside continues to put pressure on the wall.
  • Stair-Step Cracking At Corners – Stair-step cracking at the corners of a bowing wall is another common sign and typically means that the problem is getting worse. As the wall bows more severely in the middle, the corners are held up by adjacent walls, creating the stair-step cracking effect.
  • Pushing-In At The Bottom Of The Wall – If your basement walls begin to push in severely, you may notice the wall sliding inward near the bottom. This happens when the concrete floor in the basement holds the bottom row of blocks in place as the rest of the wall cracks and pushes in.
  • Sliding-In At The Top Of The Wall – Another sign that your wall problem is becoming more severe is when the wall begins to lean in at the top. When this happens you are dealing with a very serious structural problem because the connection of your foundation wall to the framing of the house has been compromised.

TFS Preferred Repair Method: CarbonArmor®

Why CarbonArmor® works and is the best! Fix your basement cracks Louisville KY.

  • Designed to code. The CarbonArmor system in the ONLY fabric carbon fiber product designed to code ACI 440.7R-10, which is specific code for Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) on masonry walls. ACI stands for the American Concrete Institute and is the world’s leading authority on concrete technology.
  • The strongest. CarbonArmor is substantially stronger than concrete, is 10 times stronger than steel, and is specifically designed for basement walls. In fact, testing of the product shows that before the CarbonArmor system would peel from the wall, the concrete behind the strap would actually break apart. Wow! And, unlike other fabric products, CarbonArmor is a narrow 7 inch width – the narrowest fabric product in the industry, while maintaining the equivalent strength of laminate products.
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