Angela H. | Franklin, TN Testimonial | Concrete Repair

Recently in Franklin, TN, we had the pleasure of helping Angela with her concrete troubles. Her driveway had seen better days with uneven sections and cracks spreading throughout. It’s the kind of issue that not only looks unsightly but can also affect day-to-day activities – imagine having to dodge those bumps and gaps every morning! Luckily, she reached out to us, and we were all hands on deck to bring back the safety and appearance of her driveway. Right after she called our Customer Care team, we scheduled a home inspection appointment to understand the extent of the damage fully. Our System Design Specialist thoroughly inspected Angela’s driveway, pinpointing the problematic areas. The solution? Our PolyLevel system for leveling the concrete and NexusPro to seal those troublesome cracks. These products are not just about the quick fix; they’re about providing a durable, long-lasting solution. Our production team, led by Daniel with Ethan’s support, rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They meticulously injected PolyLevel to lift and level the sunken parts of the driveway, ensuring everything was perfectly aligned, and then used NexusPro to seal the cracks, preventing future water damage and wear. The transformation was night and day. Angela was beyond pleased with the results, and seeing that satisfaction is why we do what we do. At the end of the day, it’s not just about fixing homes—it’s about restoring peace of mind.

“TFS is fabulous!  They communicated often and were so patient with our odd schedule. Completely professional in every way and I now feel much better about the stability of our home! Daniel and Ethan completed the final project of leveling the drive and patio and filling in the massive cracks.  A 5 rating for sure!! Thank you; I highly recommend TFS!” – Angela H.

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