Andy S. | Nashville, TN Testimonial | Foundation Repair

Recently we had the opportunity to assist a homeowner in Florence, AL, facing concerns about their foundation’s stability. After noticing signs of foundation issues, the homeowner understandably feared the extensive yard/patio work often associated with such repairs. Our skilled crew members quickly dove into action with minimal disruption. Utilizing the Push Pier system known for its effectiveness in stabilizing foundations, our team not only fixed the problem sooner than expected but did so without digging up the yard or disturbing the home’s exterior. Most importantly, our homeowner was overjoyed by how smoothly the project went, from thorough assessment and timely updates to executing a strategy that saved their landscape and wallet. This job highlights TFS’s commitment to delivering solutions and providing peace of mind with integrity and professionalism.

“Corey, Jacob, Freddy, and Perry did a fantastic job with my foundation repair.  They not only finished quicker than anticipated, but were able to complete all of the repairs without any need to dig up my yard, landscaping, or concrete patio. They even reassessed my project needs and we’re able to charge me less than the original quote. They saved me money and a lot of time that would have been spent repairing my landscaping. Start to finish everyone did a great job assessing my foundation needs thoroughly and professionally while keep me update on any changes or issues they encountered.” – Andy S. 

If you are in need of foundation repair in Nashville or surrounding areas, give us a call today at (844) 468-4674 or contact us here to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.

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