Basement Waterproofing Case Study

Colombia, TN


Water coming in alone the back wall that was flooding the living space and damaging the flooring and personal belongings when it rained. We needed to inspect the wall and other moisture problems in the basement. Then recommend a comprehensive waterproofing solution to insure this can not happen anymore.


TFS Waterproofing System.

Remove the concrete around the base of the wall and then install our basement waterproofing system. This system allows us to capture water coming thru the cold joints and up from under the basement slab, directing it into a sump pump and thus taking it out and away from the home. Full wall material would also eliminate wall moisture and allow homeowner the opportunity to frame up and finish the basement the way they would like providing total protection. From the wall, the cold joint and from under the slab, insuring water would not make its way into the living area. 

Project Before/After Photos

Foundation Problems Don’t Get
Better with Time.
They Get Better with TFS.

Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better with Time… They Get Better with TFS.

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