Ricky W. | Elizabethtown, KY Testimonial | Crawl Space Repair

A homeowner in Elizabethtown, KY, reached out to us at TFS with concerns about uneven floors and the overall health of their dream home’s foundation. Understandably worried that these issues might compromise their home’s structural integrity over time, they needed a lasting solution that would both fix the current issues and prevent future ones. This prompted our Customer Care team to spring into action by scheduling a thorough home inspection to get to the root of the problem. Upon inspection, it was evident that the uneven floors were a symptom of deeper issues in the crawl space, including excessive moisture and inadequate support structures. To address this, our System Design Specialist recommended a comprehensive approach that would not only stabilize the floors but also encapsulate the crawl space to control humidity levels and protect the home from future damage. We proposed installing SmartJacks, a reliable, adjustable steel pier system designed to provide solid support to sagging floors. Additionally, supplemental beams and joint assist brackets were added for extra stability, while steel shims ensured an even distribution of weight across the supports. But we didn’t stop there! Realizing that moisture control was critical, we equipped the space with a premium encapsulation fan, a TFS dehumidifier to keep the air dry, and a robust single sump pump to manage any water intrusion, ensuring the crawl space stayed dry and healthy year-round. Following this plan, our talented team of professionals got to work. Guided by years of experience and a mission to provide homeowners with peace of mind, the job was completed efficiently and effectively. The outcome? A homeowner who’s now confident their dream home is standing on solid ground, literally, thanks to a job well done by Brad’s crew.

“Brad’s crew from TFS came out to my residence and did a fantastic job leveling my floors and encapsulating the crawl space. I am now confident that my dream home will support our family for years to come. Thank you!!” – Ricky W. 

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