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Polylevel vs Mudjacking: Which Is Right For You? 

If you’re like most homeowners, you take great pride in maintaining your property. So when something goes wrong with your concrete—whether it’s a sinking driveway or a cracked sidewalk—you want to take care of it as quickly and efficiently as possible. We all know that concrete is one of the most commonly used construction materials …

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Using PolyLevel to repair a concrete driveway

What is PolyLEVEL Polyurethane Injection for Concrete Repair?

Have you ever seen a crack in your sidewalk or driveway and wondered, how long before it turns into a big split? Concrete is very durable when left undamaged, but even the hardest elements can wear down over time. Cracks in concrete allow water to seep through and freeze overnight which then expands and creates …

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Watch Out for These 5 Common Myths About Foundation Repair

If your house is starting to show signs of foundation problems, you may be wondering if it’s time for foundation repair. There are many common myths about foundation repair that can lead people into making uninformed decisions, and as a result, end up wasting money on the wrong solution. In this blog post, we will …

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Homeowners Beware: Winter Has a Big Impact on the Concrete Around Your House

When we say stress in the winter months, you might be thinking around the holidays. But in fact, winter can cause a lot of trouble for the concrete around your home. Everything from snow, sand, and salt, to freezing soil and thawing, impacts your concrete. Therefore, many homeowners feel their concrete has moved or deteriorated …

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Why You Should Seal Your Concrete Joints

Homeowners often don’t think about maintaining the concrete around their home until they’ve already started noticing cracking or sinking.  The soil under your concrete driveway, sidewalk, stoop, patio, pool deck, or garage slab can soften or erode as surface water runs through open cracks and joints – or straight-line cuts made in the concrete during …

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